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Joomla, Hacks and Spammers

Joomla is a very mature CMS. Nobody can argue about that. It has won the CMS of the Year award and has a very active developer team and community. There are numerous add-ons for Joomla…

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Topping the Board Examination

I was watching ABS-CBN News Bandila when the successful bar examinees were flashed on the screen complete with interviews. It was reminiscent when I passed and top the PEE Board examination. I have been waiting…

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Oh Captain My Captain

The good news, the captain of the ship that caused the worst environmental disaster in Queensland has been released in bail. The bad news, the captain of the ship is a Filipino. In this bad…

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A New Job – A predicament

Watching the episode of CSI when Laurence Fishburne’s first day on the job as a new CSI agent, one of the CSI lab scientist is indifferent on him, I felt myself on Lawrence shoes. Having…

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Site Hacked, Turned to a Phishing Site

TFE was hacked, when – I can’t remember. The hacker uploaded a phishing site for AOL. This was operating un-noticed until a warning from the Domain registrar was received with a screen shot of the…

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