Topping the Board Examination

I was watching ABS-CBN News Bandila when the successful bar examinees were flashed on the screen complete with interviews. It was reminiscent when I passed and top the PEE Board examination.

I have been waiting for the results of the board examination for the past weeks, when I woke up that morning, I was hoping to finally see the results. I went to the news stand to buy the Sunday edition of Manila Bulletin. When I saw on the front page that the Electrical Engineers board examinations results were already released, my heart beat pounded faster. It was due to excitement and nervousness.

I have been hoping to become a PEE to be able to perform the full scope of Electrical Engineering profession. In the Philippines, only a PEE is allowed to practice Electrical Engineering.

To add more suspense, I did not read the articles details yet. I paid for the paper and upon leaving the counter, I nervously continued reading the article and saw my name as number 1. Unknowingly, I jumped off and shouted, "YES!".

The people around me might have been wondering why, but I did really. I was in Cloud 9 then. Passing the PEE board examinations was a jump start of my professional career. I owed it to my persistence and diligence in preparing for the examinations. Now, I am reaping the fruit of my hard works.

A Filipino Engineer, Registered Professional Engineer of Queensland (RPEQ) - Australia and Professional Electrical Engineer (PEE) - Philippines with extensive experience in concept select, front-end engineering, HV & LV detail design, construction and commissioning of Hazardous and Non-Hazardous Area electrical installations in water and waste water pipeline and pumping facilities, offshore platforms, hydrocarbon process plants and pipelines including related facilities. Hazardous area classification and design certification (UEENEEM015B, UEENEEM016B, UEENEEM017B).