Re-integration of OFWs is Long Overdue

Today, I have heard again on the radio the word re-integration. In 2009, I have asked this question in my post Returning OFW Integration, to quote “What is the government doing to prepare for the re-integration of these so called modern day heroes?” Likewise, in 2010, I have written an open letter to PNOY regarding concerns on OFW re-integration.

With the slowing economy of Middle Eastern countries due to the weakening prices of Oil products, lots of OFW are being displaced, not to mention the plight of OFWs in Kuwait and the probable isolation of Qatar to due its differences with its Arab neighbours. Summing up all the possible impacts of these concerns, the number of returning OFWs may sky rocket. Despite the meager cash grant given to them, it will not last the distance. Unemployment will rise due to these returning OFWs.

Re-integration is the solution. The government should provide a concrete policy on re-integration without which, the repatriated OFWs will just become addition to unemployment. OFW re-integration policy is long overdue. Another critical component of this to reduce the red tape that a repatriated OFW needs to undergo to be able to avail of the privileges.