Returning OFW Integration

ofwThere are almost two(2) million Filipinos working overseas remitting almost US$200 Million annually. It is one of the main sources of green bucks for the Philippine government.

The recession have affected every Filipino working overseas the worst being part of the redundant list. These OFWs have no other option but to go back to their homeland Philippines.

The number of returning OFWs added into the number of displaced workers from closing companies such as Intel Philippines increased the unemployment rate in the Philippines to above 7%, one of the highest in the world.

What is the government doing to prepare for the re-integration of these so called modern day heroes?

Watching Bandila, the prime time news of ABS-CBN indicates that the government is just too busy with the upcoming election, charter change (cha-cha), and other politicking just to gain media mileage.

The high unemployment rate could create more serious problems if not dealt with accordingly by the government. As analyst always say, anarchy is inevitable if this situation continue and not addressed properly by governments. Re-integration of the OFW should be made a priority.