Updating of the Philippine Electrical Code 2009

Philippine Electrical Code

A copy of the 2009 edition of the Philippine Electrical Code (PEC) is always on top of my desk just in case I need it as a reference. When not using it, I am wondering why after nine (9) years, there has been no amendments of updates of this precious book. The PEC 2009 is an outdated standard when compared to the advancement of technology. A complete re-write is required to be able to apply the current products and technologies without detriment to PEC compliance.

The PEC is a statutory document which needs to be complied with when doing design, construction or maintenance in the Electrical field. How will it be possible to do such compliance when the reference standard is outdated?

I have mentioned in my articles that the PEC should adapt IEC and another reason to adapt IEC. With this adaptation, the direction towards ISO or metric units will be complete. The PEC 2009 was just a NFPA 70-2005 with modification. It is about time that IIEE should make a move to do an updating of the PEc to suit current technology and aligned to the IEC standard.