PRC License Renewal Still Horrible After More than 30 Years

I have been renewing my PRC licenses since 1983. From then until now, despite improvements of other government agencies, PRC license renewal is in my personal opinion is HOPELESS for streamlining the processing. The billboards posted in front of the transaction windows indicate the duration of processing but everything indicated in there are just false. A 20 minutes processing indicated could actually mean 200 minutes. I was expecting to complete my renewal for just a couple of hours but it took me a more than 5 hours on the queue until finally getting my new license.

A PRC personnel was asking for an apology saying that there were a barge of professionals renewing their license at this time as next year CPD units will be enforced courtesy of Senator Trillanes.

Prior to my PRC renewal, I have also renewed my driver's license at the LTO in Quezon City. I laud LTO for streamlining the renewal process as I was able to receive my new license in just more than 1 hour. When can PRC be able to do such an efficient renewal process.