Unscrupulous Individuals Preying on Job Seekers

The present economic crisis caused by the low oil prices have made oil & gas (mining included) and support industries workers unemployed. Prior to the steep dive of oil prices in 2014, the mining has been down with the slow down of the Chinese economy. This crisis has put many workers into the job seekers arena. There is very high competition that only the job seeker who exactly fit into the job requirement will get hired. There are about 300 applicants for a single job opportunity.

During this crisis, unscrupulous individuals are preying on jo seekers desperate enough to grab any opportunity that appears in job boards. These job seekers are willing to do or pay anything just to land a job. There will be more desperation when later on, they find out that it is just a scam, there are no real job offer exists. But they have already paid money. No job, worst no money.

As a caution to job seekers like myself, please be careful with these individuals.