Is the Oil Industry Dying?

Being an oil industry practitioner for more than two (2) decades now, the current crisis brings me to to daily question of "Is the Oil Industry Dying?".

This article from provides some answers tot his questions. Though, I am convinced that the oil industry will resurrect sooner than later, it is the present situation that keep me worrying, anxiety attacks is becoming a daily occurrence in my life.

The current employment statistics in the oil industry indicate that for every job opportunity, there are more than a hundred applicants hoping to land the job. Some unscrupulous companies are capitalising on this situation providing false hopes and victimising job seekers with non-existent jobs. Any desperate job seeker will bite any job opportunity presented in front of them. Any job offer at this time which is too good to be true will only mean its a "SCAM".

Industry experts predicts that the dying oil industry will recover by early 2017. Though it is still half a year away, to see light at the end of a tunnel even how dim it is, means that there is still hope that the industry will become healthy again.