Setting Up Email When Using Cloudflare

I have tried several times to use Cloudflare in the past. It all worked fine except one thing. My email stopped working.

This is also the complaints of some Cloudflare users. I have followed every steps the solution provided in this article. My email remains unusable. I have not choice but to stopped using Cloudflare service.

Why do I want to use Cloudflare? There are lots of articles that discuss this, just google "why use cloudflare". In addition, I could use "HTTPS" on my site with added security. This does not apply to my blog as I bought a SSL certificate myself for this site.

I want to Cloudflare again. I am trying to analyze what the article the article above. It has mentioned using a sub-domain for the email which is not routed through Cloudflare servers. What it failed to mention is, you need to add that sub-domain into your own server as well. When I added the sub-domain into my server, emails worked fine.

Now, I am back to using cloudflare again.