Be Positive – Job loss may be the start to a better endeavor

Plunging oil prices and other commodities is causing job cuts everywhere. Lots of families are experiencing the pain of having nobody in the family earning a living.

People who just lost their jobs just feel hurt or angry. I know someone who just curse all the HR people after receiving his termination notice. He does not expect that he will be one of the first to receive the graduation certificate. After his tirade, he calm down only to realize that the damage has been done.

In times like this, we feel that everything is just beyond our control. In some sense, it is true but we are still in control of our lives. Be positive, a jobs loss may be the start of a better endeavor, a better life. Think that you can still do something to maintain your spirit to keep going. There are still other opportunities out there, be resilient. It is not the end of the world. It is just starting!