Kloxo Problems on CentOS 5.7 64bit VPS

When Kloxo 64bit became available, I installed it right away on two of my VPS hoping that it would perform better that the 32bit counter part.

After the installation, I encountered several problems:

  • Webmail not accessible – (Horde or Roundcube)
  • DNS server (bind or djbdns)
  • Gets an error when adding new email addresses
  • Could only access email using Outlook

I have searched the Kloxo website about this problem but it seems that the solutions are just trial & error. There is no definite answers.

Meanwhile, the 32bit Kloxo powered VPS has been running for more than a year now without any issues.

I am not really sure if the 64bit version of Kloxo got a problem or Centos 64 bit itself. All I know is that my 64bit Kloxo VPS is a pain to maintain.

Until somebody finds a solution to these Kloxo 64bit issues, I would be using the 32bit version.