Philippines in Chaos

The Philippines is in chaos because Pacquiao lost. The Filipino people is not used seeing their boxing idol losing anymore, most specially if the Filipinos feel that Pacquiao has been cheated of a win. Filipinos have the same reaction on Pacquiao previous loss seven (?) years ago.

Despite the perception of most viewers that Pacquiao won the fight against Bradley getting 9 out of 12 rounds, the judges decision is final. The winner Bradley, however, left the fight on a wheel chair.

As a relief Filipino people though, a rematch is part of the contract with Bradley, which means Pacquiao can redeem himself and earn himself a more money for his bank account.

Hopefully, if he wins, he should consider hanging his gloves up and retire while he is still famous. Greed is not a virtue specially for a religious man like Pacquiao.