Faulty Electrical Wiring (Again?)

Watching Bandila news over the weekend about the cause of a Quezon City building fire made me furious again. It was very easy for authorities to say that the cause is Faulty Electrical Wiring.

Being a Filipino Electrical Engineer, I always feel degraded when I hear people saying that the cause of fire was faulty electrical wiring. Why do the electrical practitioner always be blamed for the omissions or actions of non-electrical people.

Most of the time, the owners are to be blamed as they wanted to have the best in their building except for the electrical installations. They hire unqualified people to do electrical job.

Unless the government, IIEE and all registered electrical practitioners will be more vigilant in eradicating this practice of employing unqualified electrical practitioners to do electrical jobs, the news about faulty electrical wiring will always pop-up every now and then.