March 2012

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Your job is not you – A lesson learnt

It was truly a good opportunity chatting with mentors as they can provide you with good insights on your job. Yesterday, I was talking to a mentor during a project completion celebration lunch. He was…

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Blackouts – A Curse or Just Coincidence

In my previous articles in September 2009,January 2010 and February 2012, I discussed about blackouts in the Philippines. It was during the term of the late President Cory Aquino that the Philippines has experienced the…

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Oil Price Hikes – A Global Issue

First there was an oil Price hike, then transport operators petitions for a fare hike, prices of basic commodities increases, the labor union asking for wage hike. These are common news items in Filipino news…

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Knowledge is not Experience

I was watching a recent political commentary about the appointment of a new minister of government to replace the more prominent official who is now just an backbencher in the upper house. It was mentioned…

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Why The PEC Needs to Adapt IEC

The first edition of the PEC published in 1962 by PAMEE was an adaptation of the NEC customized to suit local Philippine environment. Several decades later and the PEC is now published by IIEE, despite…

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