Energy Trends in the Philippines

Listening to the interview of Sec Jose Almendras of the Department of Energy (DOE), he mentioned about the long term planning of DOE with regards to energy sustainability.

I admire him of mentioning the name of the former Department of Energy Secretary Geronimo Velasco who served under former Pres. Marcos. Sec Almendras is amenable that the plans of Sec Velasco was long term. It was only sad that it not continued during the time of Pres Cory due to political reasons. It was in this regard that the Philippines experienced its worst black-outs.

Population growth, economic development and energy dependability are cohesively inter-related. Larger population requires more energy, economic development requires more energy thus planning for energy sustainability need not change six (6) years when a new administration takes over particularly if it will be the opposition that will be winning.

Politics aside, the energy reserve in the Philippines particularly Luzon grid is so low to sustain new industry locators. The plans of Sec Almendras on energy sustainability are commendable that hopefully the next administration will push for its continuance.