Importance of Instructions

As the project is now in its critical stage, people are now maximazing utilization of their resources. Working beyond normal office hours is becoming a normal practice. I was not exempt to this endeavour. One weekend, I found myself alone working in the office.

As it is so quiet, I was able to finished my taks very quickly. When I tried to leave the building, the building security settings during off office hours just does not allow me to open the door. I know I am inputing the correct pin number but nothing is happening to release the locks.

This was the time that I remebered the orientation I attended about working after office hours. I went back to my desk and read the instructions and presto, the building security was turned off. Finally, I was able to leave.

This is just one simple occurrence in life that we try to disregard instructions or even read the instructions given to us. The most common example for this is when buying a new equipment for the home. After opening the box, we just try to plug it in right away without even reading the instruction manual. Sometimes, this is dangerous. What if there are steps that need to be done before operating the equipment? Failing to do so means that your new equipment will either fail or will not last its expected service life.

Another common occurrence is using household chemicals. Some safe household chemicals when mixed together becomes hazardous such as emitting poisonous fumes.

Be safe, it will not hurt reading instructions.