Kloxo Upgrade – 500 Internal Server Error

The default version of the Kloxo (Lxadmin) installed using an out-of-the-box installation is version 6.0.2 The current Kloxo version now is 6.1.10 and I want to upgrade my Kloxo script.

I did the normal process of an upgrade, that is, back up all my data so that in case of a disaster, I still have my data intact. I searched for the upgrade procedure of Kloxo and found out that there are two methods of upgrade procedure possible. One is web interface using the Kloxo control panel and using shell interface.

The web interface is my first choice as it I believe that it will reduce the possibility of an upgrade error. I actually made the wrong decision. The web interface upgrades Kloxo on every stage between the installed version and the latest available Kloxo version.

What's wrong with this upgrade is that it does not indicate the status of the upgrade process. It only advices to refresh the page to check if the upgrade was successful or not. It was alright until I reached version 6.1.8 upgrade. I got a 500 Internal Server Error and got stuck. Restarting Kloxo does not solve the problem. I have search for solutions on the net but I could find any that will solve the problem. One suggested that I need to downgrade openssl using yum. Unfortunately, yum does not have the downgrade option. I am still stuck. Fortunately, port 80 is still functioning properly thus I don't have a downtime with my website.

Last resort is to use shell upgrade interface. As the Kloxo site suggested, shell interface uses /script/upcp. I wasted no time to execute the script. The shell interface details the script execution as it progressed thus I know which step is currently being processed. It took about several minute to complete everything. Upon completion, I tried Kloxo control panel login and finally, no more 500 Internal Server Error.

As a recommendation, use the Kloxo shell interface when upgrading this script.

Update: 01 January 2012
Despite the flawless upgrade using the shell interface, I found out that I could not login to my emails anymore. Even for a newly created email, I still get an incorrect password error.

Searching the web, I found this procedure on the LXcenter forum.

# for sure to using latest version for certain packages
yum update
# shell command version for update
sh /script/upcp
# cleanup process for certain settings
sh /script/cleanup
# restart some services
service xinetd restart
# fix web config to make sure using latest
sh /script/fixweb --server=all
# Better reboot after that

During the update however, I came across a conflict error between qmail and sendmail. This was solved using:

yum erase sendmail-doc sendmail-cf

Another error TypeError: unsubscriptable object was encountered during yum update. It was solved using:

yum clean all

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  1. Sebastian

    Thanks, my kloxo CP now is working with your info. Best regards!

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