Too tired to blog

I always want to update my blog to share my opinions, knowledge, what’s up or what’s down but in some cases I am just too tired to blog. I normally start very early in the morning as I don’t want to be travelling late as I find it not conducive to commute with too many people on the road, may it be in the morning or in the afternoon.

Working 40 hours a week is find if the task your doing is not too demanding. But if everyone is trying to beat a deadline or project managers just want their project done, then that will be another story. Bottom line is actually the stress at work that makes me tired. I would rather have field works where I would only get tired physically but doing office work where mental and physical efforts are required, that is where I get overly tired. Sometimes, I just wanted to go home and lie down in bed.

If I am tired, my mind does not work. The creative part of me is very weak. I can;t think of anything I want to say. All I know is I am too tired to blog.

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