Best Captcha for WordPress

Akismet is my first line of defense against spam. Despite the efficiency of the akismet, deleting spam on a wordpress blog seems a hardwork especially if the blogger needs to delete almost two (2) dozens of spams everyday.

Does a blogger want to do this everyday? For me, I would not mind for the first week, but if I need to do it everyday of the week for every week, then that will be a different story. To solve this, I installed reCaptcha. It worked for the first week but after that, I am back to my old routine of deleting spam on my blog. I was asking myself, does reCaptcha truly works as a spam deterrent? After several months of hoping that one day spam will stop in my blog, I tried other captcha plugins. Some I don't truly want how they integrates into my current theme so I just uninstalled them until I found SI Captcha.

With SI Captcha, my daily routing of deleting spam on my blog came to a halt. It is now a couple of weeks since I installed this plugin and I am happy about it.

So for other WordPress blogger who are being bombarded with spams, try using SI Captcha. Integration with a WordPress theme is flawless and it is truly effective in combating spa.