PEC, NEC, IEC Grounded/Earthed Conductors

If you have been working with IEC standards or its derivative standards like the AS, it will be strange for you to learn that NEC and a derivative standard like the PEC use different colors for the insulation of grounded or earthed conductors.

Grounded or Earthed Conductor
Grounded Earthed
Identificaton (1) A continuous white outer finish.
(2) A continuous gray outer finish
(3) Three continuous white stripes along its entire length on other than green insulation.
(4) At the time of installation, by a distinctive white or gray marking at its terminations. This marking shall encircle the conductor or insulation.

PEC 2008 – Clause
NEC 2014 – Clause 200.6(A)

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Green/yellow insulation

Interface between these different standards will be very difficult. Thorough planning is required.