Hazardous Area Classification

I just finished my competency training and assessment on Hazardous Area Classification according to AS/NZS 60079.

Before the training, I was confident that I already know how to classify hazardous areas. That was not the case. There are so many factors need to consider. There are also two ways to classify a hazardous area:

  1. Point of Release
  2. Generalized Method

I always do the generalized method but it is only on this competency training that I realized that classifying a hazardous area correctly will have an economic impact on the project.

The assessment was very tedious - it took us almost a day to complete. I did not pass with flying colors but I have learned my mistakes. I have overlooked some important factors in the classification but I have taken note of them that I will try not to overlook them in actual application.

Now, I understand that decades of experience working or designing for hazardous areas does not necessarily make you competent in hazardous area classification.