Goal Setting for 2011

The broadcast media just have too much programs in line about dream jobs, goal setting or predictions for 2011. In an interview of one of the experts in career development, the expert have mentioned some points which I believe is very essential for anyone wishing a career change or goal setting for year 2011.

Some people fails to achieve there set goals in previous year. This should not deter us from setting another goal for this year.

Here are some highlights of the interview:

  • Set goals not to impress others
    Goals set should be achievable. Don’t set goals which are unrealistic only to impress others.
  • Know what you like doing
    Set a goal which you enjoy doing. If you fun doing it, it will become pleasure not work.
  • Baby steps
    Don’t do a big leap. Use baby steps to achieve your goal set. It will be slowly but surely.
  • Know you skills and strengths
    What are your skills? List your strengths including your weakness. It will help you determine the right goal for you.
  • What is your passion?
    If your job become a passion, you will love it, creating better focus on your work which could help you perform better.

Another important factor in achieving your goal set is self-confidence. Trust yourself, you know your skills, you know your strengths, it is your passion – you are destined to succeed.