Internet Technology or Privacy – The Choice is Yours

smart-phonesThe advancement in internet technology is affecting the lives of people and their privacy. I always read articles about Gen-Y not getting jobs because of their past activities posted in networking sites. It even came to a point of suggesting name change to cover-up their past as prospective employers are scouring social networking sites for background checks on probable applicants.

Google maps street views was one-time in hot waters due to encroachment of privacy. By just typing the address in Google maps, you will be able to get the direction to that address and do a 3D view on the particular address.

Not many people are aware that by the time they connect to the internet, they are already exposed. The IP address will tell everything about them. Modern browsers are able to pin point your exact location within an accuracy of about 15 meters using the GEOLOCATION technology. It uses your IP address and public wireless access points to locate your address.

Now comes Smart phones. This technology is even worst when it comes to encroachment on privacy. Uploading a photo from your mobile phone into your facebook account could enable your friends to locate you. GPS in your smart phones helps you find where you want to go but also reveals your exact location.

Now are we still talking about privacy?

You can just do so much to limit these new technologies encroach in your private life. The best will be to shun away from these technologies. If you can’t do that, there are ways you can to prevent that. You can use anonimizer to surf the internet, turn off the GEOLOCATION on your browser. Use the good old mobile phones.

If you want to get connected to the net, always be aware that your privacy is being encroached.