Free Publicity for the Philippines

manila hostage 2010The hostage taking which became a massacre became an overnight sensation worldwide. The Philippines got a free publicity as the hostage drama was telecast live in almost all television all over the world.

When I saw the hostage taking footage, I could say it right away that the police did not handle it properly. I don't have any background on this matter, I could easily percieve however that something is wrong.

Police commandos storming the hostage bus, banging sledge hammer on the wind shield, doors and windows. This truly wrong as the hostage taker will right away react to these actions by killing his hostages.

Then when it was all over, there were 9 dead including the hostage taking and police admitting that they have handled the situation wrongly. That the commandos were not trained to deal in such a situation.

The hostage drama should be an eye-opener to the government, the police should re-train all their personnel . The police should not be complacent in their eadiness to deal on any situation to avoid any more casualties.

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