August 2010

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Tips for Creating a High Impact Resume

While watching television this morning, my attention was caught when one of their guest provided some tips in creating a better or high impact resume. Tip #1: Don’t get too detail on the dates of…

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Free Publicity for the Philippines

The hostage taking which became a massacre became an overnight sensation worldwide. The Philippines got a free publicity as the hostage drama was telecast live in almost all television all over the world. When I…

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Which Standard Prevails?

In my previous project, we have prepared all our specifications and datasheets to comply with the local standards. When the equipment were ordered, some were ordered from Germany and some from China all of which…

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Informal Settlers

Have you ever heard about this term “informal settlers”? Informal settlers are urban dwellers inhabiting government and privately-owned lands with no legal tenure on the land they occupy as their dwelling place and with poor…

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