Western Digital 250GB ELEMENTS EXTERNAL USB 2.0 250 GB

This drive comes with a Western Digital WD2500BEVS 250GB 5400rpm 8MB Cache 9.5mm Serial ATA (SATA). It was a better option then rather than using a flash drive.

I have been using this portable drive for just more than a year as a happy man until lately when this portable drive started clicking on and off. It is being disconnected constantly that I could not even copy a small file from it.

I tried it on many other computers, unfortunately, the problem is the same. clicking on & off. As I have a spare enclosure, I tried replacing the case into this new one but I still get the same result. New computer, new case, new cable, tell me, I already have done it. I tried using Linux, Windows XP and Windows 7 to no avail.

In my desperation, I search the net about this drive, and found out that there are heaps of this drive having problem. Try this.

If you are reading this post and you have a drive similar to this, you better back up it now or be sorry later on. There is a 400GB version of this drive and I believe the problem may be the same.

I am still searching for a possibility to recover my data from this portable drive, if anyone can provide me an answer, please help me. Thanks.

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