Solution: Western Digital 250GB USB 2.0 – Keeps Disconnecting

I have mentioned in my previous post that my Western Digital 250GB Elements External hard drive keeps on disconnecting. I almost got frustrated after having tried all possible solution to the problem. The said hard drive contains information I needed very badly and it will not let me access any data on it.

After so many possibilities I tried, I am still frustrated until I tried installing the problem drive into a laptop.

  1. I pulled out the WD250 external hdd from its enclosure.
  2. Open up a laptop, removed its hdd and replaced it with theWD250.
  3. I booted up using a Linux Live CD (Ubuntu 9.10).
  4. After boot up, I tried accessing the hard disk to my delight, it was successfully mounted by the Live CD.

I did not waste any time, I copied all my data into the network drive. Right now, I am happy again as I got my data back.

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