Ubuntu Linux on Asus 1005PE

Asus EEEPC 1005PE has Windows 7 Starter out of the box, however, being a Linux user, I wanted to use Ubuntu on the Asus 1005PE without over-writing its original OS. It is still on warranty and I don't want to void it.

I have an Ubuntu 9.10 - Karmic Koala installed on a portable HD which was removed from an old laptop when it was upgraded to a larger capacity hard disk.

I set the netbook BIOS to boot on the portable HD. Everything worked flawlessly except for one, the Atheros AR2427 Wireless network card. I looked at the hardware drivers function of Ubuntu but no drivers appear at all.

Using wired connectivity, I search Google for "Atheros AR2427 Ubuntu driver". I got a result on the Ubuntu forum which mentioned the following steps to activate the wireless network card for the Asus 1005PE.

Logged as a super user:
$ wget http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/daily/2010-05-12-lucid/linux-image-2.6.34-999-generic_2.6.34-999.201005121008_i386.deb

$ sudo dpkg -i linux-image-2.6.34-999-generic_2.6.34-999.201005121008_i386.deb

After the process, I rebooted my netbook. I was amazed that the wireless network card worked without any problems at all.

Thank you to the Ubuntu forum community.

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5 thoughts on “Ubuntu Linux on Asus 1005PE

  1. Johanna

    How is the battery life? I have the 14 hour version and on Win 7 it shows I can get that, but when I boot into Fedora I can expect only 9 hours max.

    • Ver Post author

      I got 11-13 hours on Ubuntu but I need to tweak some features like screen brightness, etc.

  2. Emily N.

    Hi, I’m very interested in Linux but Im a Super Newbie and I’m having trouble deciding on the right distribution for me (Havent you heard this a million times?) anyway here is my problem, I need a distribution that can switch between reading and writing in English and Japanese (Japanese Language Support) with out restarting the operating system.

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