Spammers Are Quicker than You Think

Why made me say this?

I was in the process of re-launching an old site. After completing the necessary configurations, I decided to add a guest book to provide visitors an easy way of leaving a comment on the site or just plainly to say hello.

The process of adding a guest book was as easy as 1-2-3. I was happy with the result after I finished the configuration and testing.

While browsing the features of the site, I noticed that someone have already posted on the guest book. Guess what? It is a spam.

The re-launched site was attacked by a spammer within 15 minutes of having the guest book activated. That was amazing! Does it mean that spammers technology are that advanced?

It is more amazing when you have a new computer and don't have an anti-virus installed, don't ever think of connecting to the Internet, you will get attacked by a spy ware, malware, worm or virus within minutes.

Spammers are much quicker than you think. Be pro-active, install your anti-spam or anti-virus software before someone get you first.