Pinoy Electrical Engineers and Electricians

I found this Forum about Pinoy Electrical Engineer and Electricians. I tried browsing the topics on the forum and found that one of the forum moderators is Bobby Ocampo.

I knew Bobby Ocampo personally. He was actually the guy who got me to become a member of the Board of Judges for the Annual IIEE Quiz Show. I was a member of the board for two consecutive years.

The presence of Bobby Ocampo on the PEEE forum made me register as I want to share my experiences as well expertise with other Filipino Electrical Engineers.

I was disappointed however that when I registered, there was a note that the administrator need to approve my registration rather than the verification email that is normally done in other forums. Is this the same as the IIEE forum registration that it took me several months to wait before I got a reply that my registration was approved?

IMHO, to motivate viewers to register with the forum, the registration process should be improved. I am personally directing this request to Bobby Ocampo (as he is the only one I know from the forum).

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  1. alfie

    thanks sir, i fill up registration and hopefully admin approve soon. I also registerd in your forum, how can i post the link on my soc. ntworking ? coz i think it’s a big help specially to those young professional like me.

  2. Ver Post author

    You need to register on the forum but the administrator need to approve it. When, I really don’t know. The forum is not too active except for people from outside the Philippines.

  3. Elsie I. Opinaldo

    Please help me look for the following person Engr. Rodlfo Maslog, Engr. Filemon Rodriguez, Engr. Edgardo S. Pacheco, Engr. Oscar Baguio, Engr. Juan L. Tiongson & Engr. Crisostomo A. Ortigas. they are all alumni engineers we need them for our centennial celebration this year but we need the information this week. thanks
    Elsie I. Opinaldo

  4. Ver Post author

    Thanks very much. I appreciate that help.

    Update: Finally, my registration was approved (12/17/2009).

  5. A. Montanez

    Hello sir.

    I am also a member of that forum, and it appears that you are having difficulties with your membership getting approved. I believe the administrators have not been active on the forum lately, but I shall send one of the administrators a message to take action for this.

    Hope to see you in the forum soon.

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