Web Host and Page Ranking

ivhostingThere are no arguments that page ranking is a very important factor in maintaining presence online. A good page ranking has advantages particularly on the monetary aspect of a website.

It is very painstaking to uplift a web page rank. Raising it may take several months but losing it may only take days.

Despite the website owner’s initiative to update his website very frequently, the role of the web host is also very important. Here are some instances which the choice of a web host is crucial.

  1. Uptime
    Most web host claim higher that 99% up time. This is important as you don’t want your visitors to get disappointed to find out that your website is inaccessible particularly when visited by a probable client.
  2. Backup
    The frequency of backup is important. The more frequent, the better.
  3. Support
    Get the support when needed. Some web host claim to respond to support tickets in less two (2) hours.

I have been with my current web host for for than five years now. Despite some whirl wind start up year, I have chosen to remain with them for reasons I listed above.

Lately however, things has changed. Why?

  1. A disk maintenance was initiated detecting bad sectors resulting to unrecoverable files.
    I have more than 20 accounts under my Reseller account and all sites have a file or two lost. One lost more all is photos on its gallery. I requested restoration only to be told, they don’t have back ups and I need to restore the files on my local backups.
  2. Support takes a minimum of 8 hours for them to respond. In one case I receive only a reply after 12 hours only to be get an unexpected support answer.
  3. One of my sites was hacked, all files and database has been erased. I requested restoration only to find out that they could not restore my database. What is the use of a website without a database? It is just like starting from scratch again and losing that important page rank you have painstakingly earned for a long time.

I don’t know why my web host, IVHosting.com is not the way it was 3 or 4 years ago. During those times,

  • I get a support response in less than an hour.
  • I get restoration when requested, files or database not older than a week.
  • I get 99+ up time

These were the reasons why I stayed with them for that long. But now, things are changing, IVHosting.com is becoming unreliable. I may be having a second thought renewing my web hosting with them again when it ends early next year.

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