After 3 decades

sluIt has been a long time but I feel like it was just yesterday when I tried looking at the class photos.

After 31 years, I got in contact again with my classmate in high school, 4-science class of 78, St. Louis Laboratory High School, Baguio City. It was formerly an exclusive school for boys but it was recently changed to become a co-ed institution.

It was through a comment on my blog that Ed Dawa was able to contact me. It was not successful the first time as I believe that he was not able to receive my reply then. After a few weeks, I received a comment again that finally a success.

I peeked into the 4-science photo site and I tried to recognize first the photos without looking at the caption. From distance, I was able to identify most. Their features did not a much, they were still the same old buddy from three decades ago.

I could not imagine that we have gone this far now. We were just boys wearing white long sleeve polo shirts and dark pant some 31 years ago.