A Dilemna of Choice

Nobody can really hide from the effects of the world economic meltdown. If you have been affected by the reduction of earning capacity due to the effect of plunging foreign exchange rate, it is not unusual that the thought of jumping ship is coming to mind. Particularly if your family back in the Philippines has already been living in luxury with your earnings as an OFW. As the pillar of the family, you don't want to take away those luxuries from them.

This scenario is not fiction. It is real. When I was in Saudi Arabia, I knew people who has been trying to make both end meet just to be able to send the remittances to their families, no matter what.

At this time that again, the family is affected, there is a dilemna in chosing which way to go. Stay with your present job or search for a better opportunity.

The former will bring you at least job security if you are a permanent employee. Being permanent is not a guarrantee though that you will not be affected by the claws of the slowing world economy. There were some who has been working with their companies for more than two (2) decades now and they were the first ones out.

Staying with your current employer has its advantages. On the other hand, there were also disadvantages like to make both ends meet and lessening unnecessary spendings.

On the other hand, moving into a new company means that you again need to undergo the probationary period which you may or may not be able to finished. If you fail to succeed in this period, then that means that you don't have work and again family concerns fall in.

At this time, the dilemna of choice is truly very critical. Do or you don't, only time will tell.