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Phase Shifting Transformers to Cancel Harmonics

When there are several non-linear loads of equal ratings in a power systems, the use of phase shifting transformers could help cancel harmonics. After harmonic filters, phase shifting transformers are one of the simplest solution…

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Harmonics and Neutral Currents

Before the advent of computers, variable speed drives, soft starters and other non-linear loads, the only source of harmonics in power systems are industrial plants using arc-furnaces. These arc-furnaces require so much power that main…

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Transformer K-Factor Rating and Harmonics

A conventional transformer has restricted use in an environment where non-linear loads are utilized, unbalanced input voltage or load current exceeds 5% total harmonic distortion. K-factor rating is a value used to determine how much…

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Harmonics and Power Quality

An ideal power quality for a source of energy to an electrical load is represented by a pure sine wave waveform of voltage. The term pure means that it does not contain any frequency other…

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