Designer Drafters Make the Life of An Engineer Easier

In any design project, the life on an Engineer depends on the support it gets from drafters (or draughters). The previous project I did and the current project I am doing now, drafters are not designers. What made me say this?

These drafters may be designers in their own field of specialization but these are not electrical designers. Much worse, I always hear comments such as, electrical is easy. That’s what other disciplines think but if I give them some mark-ups, it will take several passes before I get the right stuff I wanted.

More so, I don’t even get some checking that I should be getting on dafts I did. A trained electrical designer will be able to spot errors on a drawing which is not visible to tracer drafters. Just like a tick on a single line, it is an important part of the drawing but it may only be a an ordinary line for tracers.

In a multi-site project where drawings are similar, designer drafters will be able to translate the methodology from one site to another, for tracers.

I am not against tracers, but I just wanted to emphasize the need for at least one design drafter in any project who could lead the tracers. This will make the life of an engineer easier as there are other tasks they meed to do other than marking up drawings.

Currently I marking up similar drawings from for several sites, which if only, I have designer drafter, I should have only mark-up 1 rather than 15. The project pay engineers more than drafters, I believe, employing a designer drafter in a propject will be more economical in long term than saving money hiring tracers.

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