Did you Even Read the Manual?

It is very common mistake for most engineers and technical people not to consult the accompanying instruction manual of a newly purchased equipment. As the new equipment is just a newer version of an existing unit that it is assumed that every operating procedure is similar to the old equipment. This is culture could lead to more serious issues than those that need to be solved thus the requirement of the new equipment.

Reading the manual does not only apply to new equipment. It is also very essential to existing equipment. Most people familiar to the equipment tend to rely only on memory rather than reading the operation manual when troubleshooting. This is actually happening to my peers now. Nobody even bothers to consult the drawings and documentation of the non-oxidizing furnace. It has been weeks now and we still not able to find a concrete solution the issue of positive dew point and high percentage of oxygen. Not until engineers and technical people learn to read the manual, even you they consider themselves as experts, this scenario will persist.

Consult the equipment manual, it is the best consultant you will ever have when having issues with your equipment.