Resilience and Adaptability Makes A Job Seeker More Competitive

Despite the numerous job opportunities being published online and on papers, the number of job seekers alone makes job placement very difficult. In a single job opportunity, the number of applicants sometimes reaches 300. It is best to review the number of applicants on a particular job opportunity before sending your application. The lesser the number, the higher the chance of getting short listed. This, of course, does not discount the advantages of a good resume and the suitability of the applicant's qualification.

Resilience will make someone to try and try again until they succeed. A person with this quality does not get discouraged with failures but considers them as challenges to strive better. Adaptability is a person's ability to respond to changes of circumstances, learn from experiences and always improves their methods in their next endeavor. In this way, they are able to respond quickly to market requirements.

Being resilient and adaptable to the job market requirements gives the job seeker the advantage of getting hired much earlier than their fellow applicants.