A Career Redirection

The plunge of the oil price since three (3) years ago have sent oil and gas practitioners like myself to unemployment. Until now there has been no signs that, despite its resilience from previous crises, the industry is recovering. Oil prices at the pump at still plummeting.

The financial crisis cause by low oil prices became an struggle for me and likewise my family. Making both ends to meet was truly a difficult task I have never imagined.

Job hunting was a daily chore that I need to do religiously. Missing a job placement ad means an opportunity lost. Competing with younger, more aggresive generation made the task even more difficult if not more painful. The success rate was really low that it would hurt me by even mentioning it.

Luck, fate and faith have given me a career redirection towards the steel industry. It is a highly competitive industry but my company still have good market share despite flooding of underspecs Chinese imports.

After more than two (2) decades in the Oil & Gas industry, I may never look back again unless probably if the price is right. At the moment, I am happily engaging myself in the steel industry .