Learning New Skills To Remain Competitive

The current oil & gas price crisis has created a lot of job cuts has affected lot of people. A job loses is so enormous that for every job opportunity, there are about 300 applicants. Truly, this scenario is not a joke. Jumping to another industry is likewise not as easy as 'ABC'. Other industries are likewise became so picky that "it is much easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than getting a job during this crisis". Only the applicants that fits directly what is required by the job will get hired. How can someone become competitive again? Learn new skills!

You might be saying, it is too late! Nothing is too late at this crisis. If you do not start now, then when. What new skills do I need to learn, you might ask? Evaluate your priorities of a career shift and you will be able to determine the right skills you need to learn to remain competitive on the job market.