Free Arc Flash Safety Training Presentations

I received an email today from Matthew Pelletier, Director of Marketing, Compliance and Safety. Matthew mentioned that he was able to read my article about arc flash hazard and ask me if I am interested on free arch flash safety training presentation on their website. He also offered that I am free to use the resource on my blog which I said yes without hesitation.
[slideshare id=31432644&doc=arcflashsafety-liv1-140220064223-phpapp01]
[slideshare id=31459615&doc=trainingpresentation-arcflashsafety-140220191450-phpapp01]
[slideshare id=31465030&doc=arcflashenergyprotection-140220220018-phpapp02]
[slideshare id=31460302&doc=introtoarcflash2-140220194833-phpapp02]
[slideshare id=31461762&doc=cooper-bussmann-safety-basics-electrical-hazards-140220201530-phpapp01]
[slideshare id=31462653&doc=arcflashcasestudy-140220202647-phpapp02]
[slideshare id=31463602&doc=arcflash-140220204728-phpapp01]

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