Are you Happy With Your Bank?

As most of the reality TV shows judges always say “It’s a NO for me!”

My company recommends HSBC Main branch. The HSBC account representative for my company is a Filipino. As we speak the same tongue, I would be expecting the best service from the bank.

Due to the numerous offers mentioned to me, I got information overload and missed small details which I believed were not clearly mentioned nor well explained during the account opening meeting. It was only when I visited the bank’s website that it became clear to me that the account I selected got a monthly maintaining balance of QAR 100,000 or I will incur a QAR 70 service charge.

I communicated with the said HSBC account representative about my problem and I got no satisfactory response at all. I just felt that I was just lured into the lion’s den. The HSBC after sales service through this account representative is very unsatisfactory. I mentioned this to a colleague of mine and told me that he is not happy as well with the accounts representative customer service. HSBC management should look into this matter.