Take A Walk

I have been planning to go by the bay area to take a walk since I arrived here in Doha. Today, thank God it’s Friday, I am off from work and I could finally implement my plan.

I looked at the famous Google map, tried to determine the possible route to the bay area. Google map indicated approximately 30 minute walk one way. I said to myself, it was not too far, I have been walking an average of 5 kilometers everyday before coming here. I said to myself, ‘this walk will be easy peasy for me’.

Google map was correct, I walked approximately 30 minutes, give or take. It was not as easy as I thought though. The sidewalks or walkways were being used as parking space for cars. Pedestrians like me are forced to take the side of the street always need to be aware of passing cars which will not bother for pedestrians anyway. Even on the main road, the walkways provided were only half a meter that in case of another pedestrian is going the opposite direction, one needs to give way by going into the street where cars are cruising at 100 km an hour. Doha should provide walkways. With the upcoming World Cup on 2022, this situation needs some solutions.

Anyway, I reached the bay area safely. Upon reaching the area, I was able to take some photos. Then I saw a group of people just right on the breakwater. I was curious, I checked. It was a fish market. the fishes were very fresh, direct from the boats. I asked for prices and were much cheaper than in the supermarket. I was able to buy a 2.5 kg mackerel for QAR 50 ($13.70). I hurriedly went back home after.

It was a good walk, I will do it again next Friday.