Error: Connection failed

It is only a few days ago when I started using VestaCP to manage my VPS. I find it very easy to use though I found some minor glitches is some cases. One glitch that I found was, SSL support is enabled only which Nginx support is enabled. I posted a query at the VestaCP forum hoping that someone have a solution to this problem, if not, developers may be aware of it that on the next upgrade of the control panel, it will be addressed.

Another glitch that I got, but this is not a VestaCP issue, but my ignorance or stupidity in using VestaCP. I changed the MySQL root user password using the command line. After that, when I add new databases or modify a databases information on the VestaCP GUI, I am getting an "Error: Connection failed". If I try using the command line or phpMyAmin to add databases, it works! I search the net for the solution of this issue but I found nothing. I found out though that VestaCP has configuration files located at /usr/local/vesta/conf/. One of the files is mysql.conf which contains that MySQL root user password before I changed it using the command line.

After changing the root password to the new password, restarted VestaCP, it worked! No more "Error: Connection failed".