Coping up

In one of the training I attended a few years back, the resource speaker once told us that "In your new job, if you last a day in you work, you will be able to last a week. If you last a week, then you will last a month...". Then, you will just find yourself enjoying your job so much that you may never think of leaving.

I lasted a week in my new job in a new place, in a new environment. I know I am coping up with the new job's challenges. I have attended some orientation seminars, project coordination meetings and H2 training. Next week, it will be the Tropical Basic Offshore Safety Induction and Emergency Training (TBOSIET) which consists of Safety Induction, Helicopter Safety and Escape (HUET), Sea Survival and First Aid, Fire Fighting and Self Rescue. The TBOSIET course is a minimum requirement to work offshore.