Order Priorities, Reduce Stress

There are times that due to work demands and deadlines, we need to set order of priorities. we can not do everything all at the same time. This will reduce the stress on us.

Project managers and project engineers will always try to create an environment where all works for a project need to done 'NOW'or I needed it yesterday. As my 'mature' engineer buddy always say 'We need to manage the managers...", if not we will be in trouble. A classic from him is, to quote '...if you want it now, I can give you rubbish...'.

A couple of projects is now in its critical stage. The Clients are not happy due to delays. The delays were caused by several factors, first - there has been several changes in project managers; second - there has been no management of change. The previous project manager just heeded to whatever the client wants without documenting the impacts of those changes into the project cost and delivery time. It was too late when he realised his complacency, the project has been delayed and cost beyond budget. what he have done? He packed his things up and left immediately with only a weeks notice. The replacement manager was in limbo. Now, he is the one whose ass is in hot waters. He is now under the microscope for reasons that he accepted chaotic projects. He is totally under stressed that is affecting his decision making as to the order of priorities.

A project lead approached me requesting if I could fast track his deliverable, I told him, I was being pressured by the manager on his projects too.The lead told me, I know and you know that in those projects, the client is not happy anymore. We could not do much about that anymore. But this, the Client is happy, are we going to jeopardize this project then make the client unhappy... again!

The project lead is right. We need the right priorities and analyse for us to be able to do what is best (less stress) for the everyone.