Career Resilience and Globalization

Note: This is a summary of the article “Globalization and Your Career: Building Career Resilience” By Terrance Malkinson.

No one can predict the future with certainty. Globalization has increased across geographic and political boundaries. Technology has brought instantaneous communication with the remotest regions of the world. Today, all business is global, competition comes from everywhere, and jobs are borderless.

Globalization requires adjustments to our career paths to meet changing landscapes. Career building is a continuous activity that requires awareness, and adjustments to take advantage of rapid changes in local, national and international conditions. Rather than meandering aimlessly, you must maneuver, which requires focus and strategy.

Several strategies to improve your prospects for the future include:

  1. Evaluate your skills. Ensure that your skills meet global industry and professional standards.
  2. Identify your key skills and areas of competence. Reconfiguring existing skills and experience to meet the challenges of globalization.
  3. Market yourself effectively. Let key people know about your skills and how you can contribute value.
  4. Broaden your interests. Reading journals, magazines and national and international newspapers. Explore other cultures and ideologies.
  5. View globalization as an opportunity. Always discuss international career possibilities with your family, realistically exploring benefits and challenges.
  6. Be self-confident. Value multi-cultural experiences and competencies and leverage them with your employer.
  7. Learn international knowledge. Customs and business practices vary widely from country to country.
  8. Investigate employers’ expectations. Learn how to conduct yourself during an interview
  9. Fallback plan. Develop multiple income streams. Savings will provide you with the flexibility to reflect and the time to search out the best opportunities that will meet your needs.

Career success favors those who plan and those who are prepared to take advantage career opportunities.Career success favors those who engage in continuous learning and place their trust in their own capabilities. Career savvy people do not fear or avoid globalization – they accept it and adjust their career path to take advantage of exciting twists and turns that globalization might bring.

Globalization and Your Career: Building Career Resilience By Terrance Malkinson
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