January 2013

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Career Resilience and Globalization

Note: This is a summary of the article “Globalization and Your Career: Building Career Resilience” By Terrance Malkinson. No one can predict the future with certainty. Globalization has increased across geographic and political boundaries. Technology…

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Coping with the global economic slowdown (again)

During the 4th quarter of 2012, IMF and OECD both predicted global economic slowdown. Advanced economies still have problems with unemployment. Emerging economies like Brazil, India and China will be better off. The effect of…

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The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) should be lauded for allocating a bike lane along EDSA. The bicycle lane, on both sides of EDSA, stretches from Magallanes to Ayala Avenue. First world countries established their…

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Fracking is Greed

When I read about the plan of a coal seam gas company to to use fracking, a controversial drilling technique, I only reminds me of one thing “GREED”. Fracking increases gas extraction. Wells nearing their…

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Non-hazardous Area – IEC 60079

IEC 60079 is concerned with the classification of areas where flammable gas or vapour or mist hazards may be present. The classification may be used as a basis to support the proper selection and installation…

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Resistance of Earth Electrodes in Parallel

In previous articles Single Earth Electrode and Earthing Resistance Calculation, I have presented methods of calculating the earth resistance using IEEE or IEC methods. AS 1768 Appendix C recommends that the resultant earthing resistance may…

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