Politicians and Political Advertisements

Politician is a person who is involved in influencing public policy and decision making. In the Philippines, election is just a few months away. The campaign period has not officially started but politicians have already posted big billboards with their name, position and a Christmas message to their constituents. This is not necessarily political advertisement but these are politically inclined.

Politicians are also busy roaming private functions and Christmas parties, donating prizes or foods to these activities. In return, they are given time to speak in front of the people. What will they say? They will reiterate their name, position, what are their projects to help the people, and many more good thing they have done during their term. These politicians even bring their own public relation officers with them.

As one of the officials of COMELEC told in one of his TV interview, these politicians are still not breaking any election laws. Its just that this practice is annoying. Philippine politics never change.