Crying Kids on Board – Parents are the Problem

Have you ever been on a flight with kids on board? I always do. I do not care so much until my last flight experienced. I was seating adjacent to a woman with a boy about 2 years old.

It was sleeping time. The plane's light were off but the reading light of the boy was on. It was giving me annoying glare that I could not get sleep. It was worst when the boy started crying. It was alright for the first few minutes but the crying continued for almost an hour and the mother just do not care. She just let the boy cry without even trying to calm him down. That is just totally being inconsiderate to other passengers.

That experience just reminds me of Malaysian Airlines plan to ban children on the upper deck of A380 flights. The children were not the problem, it is the parents. These people should keep in mind that they are not at the four corners of their home. That they are on a flight with other people trying to take a rest. If they do not know how to calm down their children then they should not have any. It is that simple.