Philippine Peso is Going Strong

The Philippine peso is going strong.

Philippine Peso
Philippine Peso vs US Dollar (05 August – 01 November 2012)

Is this a sign that the Philippine economy is going strong?

I have been listening to PNoys speeches overseas and he was boating about the increased confidence of foreign investors in the Philippines. He said that during the previous administration, the government is luring foreign investors but none was interested. This time, investors are lining up to put up investment in the Philippines.

If this is true, then so far so good. PNoy is doing right when it comes to his economic policies.

I noticed in his speeches however that he kept on comparing or pointing fingers to the previous administration. He consider his administration accomplishment as always relative. This is not far from what his mother has done during her term. There is always a finger pointing to Marcos as the culprit.

If PNoys is truly sincere, he should stop pointing fingers. If he wants to prosecute those who have done wrong in the previous administration, then so be it. But don’t use it as a leverage for what he will be doing.

IMHO, instead of blaming the previous administration, he should get out of his comfort zone and be creative to keep the Philippine economy and security stable. No more finger pointing please, just do it!